Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer Reveiw

This is apparently the week of the most anticipated movie trailers. First we get Ant-Man (that no one gave a rip about) then Star Wars Force Awakens (EEEEK) and then the mother of all that is good Zack Snyder released the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceand when i saw it i screamed like a little fan girl. So if you haven’t seen it, watch it right now, especially before you read on.

Spoilers ahead

This trailer starts with what seems like a bunch of media reporters or politicians arguing about Superman. They are discussing whether or not Superman is good for this planet or if he’s just to powerful.Then we get someone voicing their opinion who isn’t a politician or reporter. “We know better, don’t we. Devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky”. If you listen closely you can tell this is Jesse Eisenberg‘s character, Lex Luthor, talking. From this line we can gather that Lex Luthor will be trying to put the world against Superman. He might even be able to influence Batman. 

Next we hear chanting “Go home! Go home! Go home!” Following is a shot of a statue of Superman with “false god” scrawled in spray paint across his symbol (which is a symbol of hope, duh!). This tells us that a large majority of the world is against Superman. It sounds like they are not happy with the destruction of Metropolis caused by Zod and Superman.

The next part of the trailer we get some dialogue from Alfred (can i just say how perfect Jeremy Irons is for that role… Seriously pure perfection). “Thats how it starts the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel”. Now this set of words are intriguing. Who’s he talking about? I believe there is three options here. Many would think he could be talking to Batman about Superman or Lex Luthor. However, i believe he’s actually talking about Batman. In my opinion he is referring to a time when Bruce was a good person, but when he felt helpless in an alley, unable to save his parents, he turned cruel.

But a above all the best part of this trailer is Batman’s line to Superman: “Tell me do you bleed? You will!” (shivers, serious shivers).

Overall i give this trailer 4/5 starts for pure joy and excitement and for not showing us too much.

This trailer did not receive 5/5 because although i did love it. It wasn’t perfect, it did not make we want to throw my money at screen yelling give it to me know!!

What did you think about the trailer? Do you agree with my thoughts that i observed from trailer? How excited are you for Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice?


One comment

  1. Drake · April 18, 2015

    Agreed. I enjoyed the trailer and got me excited but not so excited I was ready to throw my money at the screen. Avengers did that much better.


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