Avengers Age Of Ultron Review


I went to go see the Avengers Age of Ultron on Thursday night in the IMAX Theatre here in Edmonton. I have spent the last two days trying to come up with a way to do a spoiler-free review and it’s been a little difficult. So this is my attempt at doing a review of this movie without spoilers of any kind. This review will not go into detail on what happened in the movie and will go into my initial thoughts of the film.


That Marvel Feeling

I know that sounds very vague but this movie left me having that same feeling I do leaving almost every Marvel movie, with a few exceptions (IronMan 2…). This movie did a great job of having those dark moments and then throwing in that touch of humour that actually made me clap at some points. It had the elements that made you say this was one of the best Marvel movies, one of the best super hero movies, and just overall great movie, and that the same feeling I almost always get when leaving a Marvel movie. And that makes it totally worth the 18 bucks.

Joss Freaking Whedon

The guy behind it all, Joss Whedon. You cannot talk about an Avengers movie and not talk about how amazing of a director and writer this guy is. He was able to create an enthralling story that had levels of depth, there were main plots and sub-plots that got the viewer excited. That was able to create more depth to the characters you knew and did not know. He is Joss Whedon and I can’t express how sad I am that this is his last Marvel film. I only hope that what ever he decides to do will be as exciting and amazing as all of his work has been on these Marvel products that we love so much. Thank you Mr.Whedon.


ultronUltron a brilliant villain to have in this film and an even more brilliant actor James Spader, although not my first choice, he was the best choice to play the Artificial intelligence that is Ultron. He was evil, very evil, but at the same time you could somewhat understand why he was doing what he was doing. He had reason and cause for his actions, as insane or disastrous as they were, you could all understand the reasoning to his madness. One of the best things about the character of Ultron is that he is believable as a major threat for the Avengers.



This Character was easily my favourite character in this film for many reasons, half of them I can’t tell you without giving spoilers away. Nevertheless, this character was funny but had plenty of depth. This character was well played by Paul Bettany, he played this character in a way that gets the viewer excited to see him again, and just as excited that he is in this movie in the first place. The Marvel team did an amazing job of creating a Vision that was close to the comic book incarnations which was a huge highlight of the film

Final Thoughts 

I could keep talking but I don’t want to bore you, and I give this movie a big thumbs up. Have you seen the new Avengers film? If so, what did you think? Do you agree with my thoughts? Let me know in the comment section!

All pictures are products of Marvel Studios.


One comment

  1. drakefarmer · May 8, 2015

    Agreed. The only thing I wish was more of Ultron. Hard for sure in a movie, but I loved his character so much, it would have been great to see more of him. Also, I enjoyed the liberties they took with his character and Vision, worked so well for the MCU.


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