Did Christian Bale have to leave as Batman?

The Intro

Batman is such a popular character and the viewers are very opinionated on who should play batman. When the Dark Knight Trilogy ended there were all sorts of rumours about Christian Bale returning to his iconic role for Batman v Superman. And for the large part the fans would have been very happy however in this post I will be talking about how it was good and beneficial that Christian Bale didn’t return and that Ben Affleck is our new batman is a necessary change.


The worlds

The first reason is the worlds they live in. The world that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale created was a world grounded in reality, not in a world that aliens came and almost destroyed out planet. In Nolan’s Bat-verse aliens with super powers simply do not exist and will never be able to. And now we have what I will call the Snyder-Verse which has a small sense of realism but isn’t grounded in it it has room for Khryptonians, Amazons, Atlantans, and Meta-Humans. I believe that the world Zach Snyder is creating is a world that Christian Bale would not fit in or work in the world Snyder has made.


The boy scout. He is the main reason I believe it was beneficial for a new Batman to come into this new world.In the next instalment of the DC cinematic universe we know that Batman and superman will be at odds with each other.When we look at Christian Bale’s Batman who didn’t even have the skill set to properly beat Bane then how could he have the skill set or even prepare himself to beat Superman. Superman in Man Of Steel presented enormous amount of power between his strength, super speed and flight he is a force to reckon with. and for these exact reason we needed a new Batman. We needed a Batman who is a prestige fighter(who could destroy Christian Bales Batman), expert strategist, and worlds Best Detective these are things that Ben Affleck’s Batman need to bring to the table to be believable as a threat to superman in this world.


These are my thoughts to why Bale had to leave and why Ben Affleck had to come in as the character. what did you think of my thought? do you agree? let me know in the comments.

All picture rights belong to DC and Warner Brothers Studios.


One comment

  1. drakefarmer · May 8, 2015

    100% agree.


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